Quartz Stone With Different Ingredients

- Feb 10, 2018-

Now the Mesa Stone is too many, like what man-made stone, acrylic, quartz, jade ... In fact, in the understanding of debris, there are only two kinds: natural marble and man-made stone. Quartz Stone These are man-made stone, that is, the current table material in the "stone", in addition to marble is man-made stone. Marble is now used very little, because many shortcomings, radiation, suction grease and so on, after so many years of use test is not suitable for the table.

At present, the market is the most common cabinet surface material has three kinds (there is a natural stone, but currently not many people): artificial stone, Quartz Stone quartz and stainless steel.

Artificial stone

There are many man-made stone, but basically the case, are made of different raw materials artificially synthesized, due to the different raw materials and processes of the above different types of man-made stone, the main drawback is that the quality of the gap is very large, Quartz Stone let us judge the quality I think it is not easy to choose artificial stone when the proposal to grasp a principle: a penny. The price is certainly not good.

The advantages of artificial stone:

Man-made stone compared wear-resistant, acid, high temperature, punching, compression, folding, impermeability and other functions are also strong. Quartz Stone Its deformation, bonding, turning and other parts of the treatment is very good, color rich, the overall shape, and can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. Therefore, the resistance is strong, because there is no surface pores, oil, water stains are not easy to infiltrate, the general stains can be wet cloth or detergent can be wiped; can be any length of seamless bonding, Quartz Stone adhesive with the material will be two pieces of adhesive after grinding, seamless, no traces of seam.

The disadvantage is that the hardness of man-made stone is poor, wear resistance is not strong, the hardness of man-made stone is only greater than wood and hard plastic, iron things are easy to its surface scratches, in the use of a period of time, the surface will have a lot of scratches, Quartz Stone need to be polished to restore the original appearance. There are man-made stone heat resistance is poor, hot pot on the table will cause serious damage to it, so use must be more careful care.

The same is man-made stone, Quartz Stone but the quality of the difference is very large, good artificial stone in the gloss, color, wear resistance and permeability is far better than the general artificial stone, so in the choice of the credibility of a better, the service has a guaranteed brand.

Look, see man-made stone color is not pure, color bright, if hair gray hair dark, quality is not good.

Second touch, Quartz Stone touch the surface of man-made Shitai surface, high-quality man-made stone should feel very slippery, if feel jerky, poor quality.

Three inspection, by dripping some oil on the table, Quartz Stone soy vinegar and so on, to see if penetration, if infiltration, quality is certainly not clearance.

Four burn, take a man-made stone to burn, good man-made stone is burning, if can burn, the quality is certainly bad.

Five fall, Quartz Stone good man-made stone can also fall, but will not fall to smash, poor man-made stone more easily fall smash, this is also to test its strength.