Quartz Stone The Problem Of Color Infiltration

- Feb 10, 2018-

Quartz Stone as a new green environmental protection stone, Quartz Stone has its own scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, high temperature, penetration, anti-corrosion, radiation and so on, and gradually become the first choice of home decoration stone.

Today we are all concerned about the problem of quartz stone infiltration.

Quartz stone plate itself water absorption rate is only 0.02%, almost zero. Die Casting plate infiltration problem is very small, but tea water is an exception, Quartz Stone tea water may be infiltrated color is only possible. Because tea contains 20% of tea polyphenols, tea polyphenols are easily soluble in water and grease, the quartz stone sheet of raw materials that contain 7% of the resin. Therefore, when the table and tea water contact should be timely and clear, to avoid the possibility of infiltration. Quartz Stone Even if it is not stained, the tea stains will stay on the table, which will bring unnecessary trouble to the later clarity.

Special reminder pouring plate is different from die-casting plate, casting plate without high pressure, Gao Zhen, resulting in his density and hardness is relatively low. Quartz Stone Each aspect compares with the die-casting plate to be comparatively poor. The probability of infiltration is much larger than the die casting plate. will not covet cheap and choose casting plate. There is also a point to be aware of, quartz stone table stitching seam place If there is a stain, please timely cleaning, Quartz Stone it is recommended to focus here waxing (can use car wax or floor wax).

Quartz Stone plate Color difference is the main reason is quartz stone raw materials, not dyes, dyes can be artificially controlled, Quartz Stone but quartz stone raw material (quartz sand above 300 mesh) is difficult to control the chromatic aberration. Each batch of ore quality is not the same, the production of different batches of the plate will appear a slight chromatic aberration, not to mention natural stone color difference. For some small quartz stone manufacturers, if the demand for raw materials is too high, Quartz Stone the cost will increase substantially, this is the contradiction.

To control raw materials, especially quartz sand, whiteness is sometimes a difference between several points need to manually select, as well as glass particles, Quartz Stone quartz sand because it is natural ore, there are different components: Mapanshi, wind fossils and so on, the quality of different colors lead to differences, Quartz Stone if the raw materials strictly controlled, Quartz Stone The cost of production will be greatly increased, resulting in the price of quartz stone rise. Value for money This simple reason everyone knows, here to remind new and old customers do not blindly purchase, more cautious. We not only consider the price problem, there are more important than the price of quality.