Quartz Stone The Characteristics

- Feb 10, 2018-

Quartz Stone: a kind of quartz sand and resin composite material, cleaning more for kitchen countertops.

Glass Stone: The main ingredient glass products, the name is bright and bright, the color is magnificent, the texture is hard, mainly used for the background wall, laying the ground, Quartz Stone not easy to process, and the price is higher.

Characteristics of man-made stone

① color Rich, there are pure colors such as: white, black, red, gray, yellow, etc. on the basis of the net color board to add different colors, different sizes of particles, Quartz Stone a wide range of large selectivity, the production of colorful stone.

② No radioactive pollution, small green radiation. Artificial stone materials through strict screening does not contain radioactive material, consumers can be assured to use.

③ processing convenient, Quartz Stone artificial stone hardness and toughness has been adjusted to a certain extent, can be bonded (using special glue, all kinds of countertops can be connected "seamless"), can be bent, machinable into various shapes, this is natural stone incomparable.

For commercial purposes, the use of man-made stone is almost unlimited. Quartz Stone It can be used in health centers, medical institutions, public office buildings, factories and mines companies, shopping malls and other space equipment facilities. When used as counters, walls, sinks, display racks, furniture, elevators and other utensils, color texture design unique man-made stone all show its warmth, Quartz Stone plasticity, free cutting, bending, grinding and other outstanding performance, can be bold to create, maintain beauty.

Artificial stone can be used in accordance with the needs of the use of various grades of materials, is a health and environmental protection materials, solid no hole, Quartz Stone no holes and cracks, the surface seam is very close, will not be water infiltration. In the catering service industry, we can design creative table, display booth and clean sanitary Kitchen workbench. When used in medical and health units with stringent hygienic standards, the user is flexibly designed and installed in the medical room, Quartz Stone the laboratory, the surgery room.

At home decoration, man-made stone superior to the general traditional building materials do not have the acid, alkali resistance, heat and cold characteristics, good texture, color more decorative material, not only to beautify the interior and exterior decoration, Quartz Stone to meet the diverse needs of its design, but also for the builders and designers to provide a very wide range of design space.

Artificial stone color, delicate texture, pattern pattern can be determined by the designer's own control, can be arbitrarily molded into more than 100 kinds of colorful, Quartz Stone elegant varieties. The combination of natural pigments and different materials can create a colorful color.

Environmental protection

Resource recycling, man-made stone industry itself does not directly loss of raw natural resources, not broken fast natural environment, man-made stone production does not require high-temperature polymerization, there is no consumption of large amounts of fuel and exhaust emissions, Quartz Stone so the artificial stone industry is a promising new building decoration materials industry, has a broad space for development, At present, the conditions for the development of man-made stone industry are already in place, and the man-made stone industry is bound to get rapid development.