Marble Slabs And Tiles Stable Performance

- Feb 07, 2018-

Marble is a high-grade decorative materials, must be careful when choosing, Marble Slabs and Tiles so as not to waste the money. The stone experienced practitioners know that stone as a natural material by the impact of geophysical and chemical changes, coupled with mining and processing and many other factors, the quality of the same products vary greatly, compared to other traditional industries On the product side, site evaluation is very important.

Good quality marble, the uniform texture, Marble Slabs and Tiles texture and delicate structure; and coarse and unequal grain structure of the marble appearance less effective, poor quality.

That is to use a simple test method to test the quality of stone is good or bad. Usually drop a small piece of ink on the back of the stone, if the ink scattered scattered around quickly, that the loose particles inside the stone or the existence of cracks, poor quality stone; Marble Slabs and Tiles the other hand, if the ink droplets in place, then the good texture of the stone.

Good quality marble, percussion crisp melodious; if the stone internal cracks, veins or due to weathering caused loose contact between the particles, Marble Slabs and Tiles the percussion raucous.

Due to the use of stone marble plate sunset red polished decorative parts, so the choice of stone marble sunset red polishing plate type is also different. Marble Slabs and Tiles For outdoor building decoration, to be subjected to long-term wind and rain sun, granite because it does not contain carbonate, water absorption, anti-weathering ability for the hall floor decorative stone marble sunset red polishing plate , Marble Slabs and Tiles Requiring stable physicochemical properties, high mechanical strength, Marble Slabs and Tiles for the decoration of the dado and home bedroom floor, should be used with a beautiful pattern of marble.