Marble Slabs And Tiles Has The Longest History

- Feb 10, 2018-

Stone is the most plasticity of a building material, Marble Slabs and Tiles machinable into any shape of the plate, lines, columns, can also be made into special, relief, sculpture and so on ...

In the plasticity of this may only wood can be compared with stone, but wood and stone as human use the oldest of the two most important architectural decorative materials, as wood products need surface paint and in the moisture-proof, anti-corrosion aspects are relatively weak, Marble Slabs and Tiles compared to stone slightly inferior.

Because the tiles look good is the surface of the glaze, glaze under the main body of the clay fired, do not have the gloss and rich color and natural texture, so the gap in the tile is currently the best way to deal with the use of American sewing agent. The essence of the American sewing agent is fused with a variety of chemical components of the glue, as long as the glue is bound to aging, Marble Slabs and Tiles and because of the difference between the thermal expansion coefficient and brick, time will still be aging, shedding. and tile tiling, due to poor specifications and manual errors produced by the rough whole is a normal phenomenon.

And the natural marble is the same, Marble Slabs and Tiles even if the wear to only a few millimeters, it's color, luster, texture is the same as the surface, so the natural marble in the shop after the completion of the user can choose to do mirror treatment, mirror treatment can be disposed of when the installation of the micro-high and low error, after grinding, polishing, The gap treatment can make the whole floor as a flat and bright mirror! So called mirror treatment. And can be repeated several times, Marble Slabs and Tiles even if the use of many years after the surface of the flower or bump to create a small gap, can be treated through the mirror to achieve brightness such as new effects!

We have just talked about stone is the most plasticity of a building material, through a variety of professional processing, stone can achieve the designer can imagine any effect. The limitation of ceramic tile is the inconsistency between glaze and embryo, and there is no consistent texture and color in incision section.

Therefore, Marble Slabs and Tiles regardless of the customer floor is the choice of ceramic tile or marble, staircases are often made of marble, other such as door sets, window sets of lines and pillars, especially the preferred marble.

Marble with gorgeous color and rich and varied texture, beautiful and elegant. Occupy a major and growing market share in decorative materials

The test method is this: we prepared two models, one is called "Sapphire" natural marble (blue marble in the nature of precious and beautiful known), Marble Slabs and Tiles one is the same name "imitation sapphire" tiles. Then the two looks "similar" model respectively fixed in the display board, with a digital camera (simulation of human eyes) at 2 meters, 1.5 meters, Marble Slabs and Tiles 1 meters and 0.3 meters four different distance points for shooting, Marble Slabs and Tiles and through the visual comparison of the effect of the shooting to judge " Imitation marble tiles in the decorative effect can be a perfect substitute for natural marble.