Composite Stone Panel Variety Of Rich

- Feb 10, 2018-

The production technology of Stone Composite Board was born in Europe in the early 1990 's. The development of China's Stone Composite board is roughly the beginning of the middle and late 1990, and a few factories have made brave innovations and difficult explorations. Finally made the first product, Composite Stone Panel and quietly into the market, and then, in Hubei Tongshan, Jiangsu Changzhou, Shenzhen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, several enterprises to try and drive, and gradually break through the technical difficulties, until after 2003 in Fujian Nanan Head, Guangdong Yunfu, Foshan, Beijing, Hangzhou and other rapid development, In particular, Fujian Nanan Head Composite Board enterprise Development speed and scale more rapid, in a short span of several years, the earlier manual operation gradually developed into automatic assembly line production, and the original more than a single species to expand into a variety of rich, a wide variety of production process machinery and equipment, basic materials, Composite Stone Panel Related industries are walking in the forefront of the stone Composite Board.

The thinnest stone composite plate can be only 5mm thick (compound with aluminum-plastic plate). Commonly used composite tiles or granite, also only about 12mm thick, the building has a load limit in case it is the best choice.

Stone and tile, granite, aluminum honeycomb panels, Composite Stone Panel such as composite, its flexural, flexural, shear strength is significantly improved, greatly reducing the transport, installation, use of the damage rate in the process.

Ordinary stone plate (whole-board) in the installation process or after the use of the process, such as the use of cement wet paste, it is possible six months or a year later, stone surface appears a variety of different discoloration and stains, very difficult to remove. Composite Stone Panel The composite plate avoids this situation because its bottom plate is more rigid and compact, and a thin layer of glue is also available.

Because the stone compound board is uses the 1㎡ the original board (the monolithic board) to cut 3 or 4 pieces to become 3㎡ or 4㎡. This 3, 4㎡ pattern and color is almost 100% the same, so it is easier to ensure the use of large areas, its color and pattern of consistency.

Because of the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of weight, easy to break (strength, etc.) or color separations have greatly improved the installation efficiency and safety, but also reduce the installation costs.

Stone decorative parts, whether inside and outside the wall, Composite Stone Panel the ground, windowsill, and so on, the ordinary original plate (whole body plate) are not problems, but the ceiling whether stone or pottery board, any curtain wall companies are not willing to take the risk. And the stone and aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum honeycomb bonded after the composite plate to break through the stone decoration of the forbidden area. Because it is very lightweight, weighs only 1/5 to 1/10 of the plate. Composite Stone Panel If you want to decorate the ceiling with stone, it is not.

Aluminum honeycomb plate and stone composite plate, because of the equilateral hexagonal type made of hollow aluminum bee core with sound insulation, moisture, heat insulation, cold performance. Composite Stone Panel Thus, these characteristics are far beyond the performance characteristics of the board.