Composite Stone Panel The Texture

- Feb 10, 2018-

Scrub with washing supplies. After the scrub can use the home side of the car wax or furniture wax coating on the surface, which will add a layer of protective film to the table. Composite Stone Panel If the MESA stitching seam has the stain, should promptly scrub clean and wax.

Do not contact the high temperature object directly on the quartz Shitai surface, it may cause damage to the surface of quartz stone. Do not knock on the table or cut things directly on the table.

Mesa as far as possible to keep dry, Composite Stone Panel such as scale stay too long, will cause the table color lighter, affect the beautiful.

To prevent the high chemical contact surface quartz stone countertops have a long-lasting ability to resist damage.

Usually the installation cabinet is a two-part to complete, Composite Stone Panel first install cabinet cabinet, door after installation after a few or two installed Mesa

1, the entire kitchen space infrastructure has been completed. (Wall tiles, floor tiles, ceiling)

2, to install cabinets to clean up the place (refers to the ground);

3, if the lamp has been installed in the home, Composite Stone Panel please put the lampshade up to prevent the installation of the cupboard counter when the dust is too large; (especially the living room crystal lamp)

1, stone texture

Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure stone has the exquisite texture, the coarse grain and the unequal grain structure's stone has the appearance effect to be poor, Composite Stone Panel the mechanical mechanical property is also uneven, the quality is poor.

2, Stone appearance

Natural stone in due to the impact of geological action, often produced in which some fine pulsation, micro-fissure, stone most easily along these parts of the rupture, Composite Stone Panel should pay attention to remove. As for the lack of edge and less angle is the impact of beauty, choose to pay attention to.

3. Stone Size

Also pay attention to measuring the size of stone, Composite Stone Panel in order to avoid the impact of stitching or stitching after the pattern, pattern, line deformation, affecting decorative effects.

4. Stone Size

Listen to the percussion of the stone. Composite Stone Panel Good quality, internal compact and no microscopic cracks in the stone, its percussion sound crisp; On the contrary, if there are microscopic cracks inside the stone or micro-veins or due to weathering caused by the contact between particles loose, the percussion is hoarse.

5. Stone Sound

You can drop a small drop of ink on the back of the stone, Composite Stone Panel if the ink quickly scattered around the leaching, which means that the internal particles of stone or there are microscopic cracks, the quality of stone is not good.

6, Stone density

Natural stone is an advanced decorative material, Composite Stone Panel mainly used in the engineering of high level of decoration,Composite Stone Panel man-made stone is a lower grade decorative material, only used in middle and low-grade interior decoration works.