Aluminum Honeycomb Stone Composite Panel for Decoration

- Sep 12, 2018-


          Product Description


01. About Stone Honeycomb Panel

The natural effect of stone is always the favorite choice for the architect from home and abroad. But its fragile, brittle properties increase the unsafe problem for high building, which becomes a fatal problem for the wide application of natural stone for high buildings. Stone manufacturers and stone processing machines manufacturers are trying their best to develop super-thin stone panels in the passing years. They are trying to reduce the thickness of stone panels and overcome the heavy weight of stone panels. Yet limited by its natural fragile property, the thickness of stone panels can't be too thin. Therefore, only 8-9mm thickness of stone panels can be realized with traditional machines.
With imported advance cutting and grinding machines from Italy, we first cuts granites and marbles and marbles into 3-5mm veneer, then bonds the stone veneer with aluminum honeycomb structure to form honeycomb panels with imported aeronautic bonding high-tech from France. Super-thin stone honeycomb panels maintain the beauty of nature marbles and granite with overcome their fragile and heave disadvantages. By putting aluminum board between the stone veneer and aluminum honeycomb, the products have good impact resistance and flexural strength. Ultra-thin stone honeycomb panels are in a world leading role and are the first one in China, which are widely used as building cladding wall and interior and exterior decorative materials.

02. Product Detail

03. Product Specification

Product Name    Stone honeycomb panel
Application 1). External wall
2). Interior wall
3). Furniture top
4). Washroom cubicles
5). Bathroom, kitchen interior decoration
6). Marine vessels interior decoration
Certification Lloyd's Register, ISO9001:2000, BV, SGS.
Regular Total Thickness  15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc.
Regular thickness of stone5~10mm
Regular Top & Bottom Aluminum sheet in aluminum honeycomb panel 0.8mm
Loading volumes520SQM/1*20'FCL, 1040SQM/1*40'FCL
Standard Specification Cell size: 8.47mm, aluminum foil thickness: 0.05mm.
Adhesive Two-component Epoxy resin glue
Size300x300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm and other sizes as per required
Service Range- Provide professional design and suggestion.
- Manufacture products in accordance with customer drawings. 
-Arrange shipment.

04. Main Features
A. Light specific gravity, high rigidity, steady, structure and high wind-resistance performance.

B. Excellent performance in sound insulation, heat insulation, reproofing and quakeproof.
C. Straight appearance, color variety, elegant smooth.

D. Fine decoration effect, easy and rapid installation.

05. Application

1). External wall
2). Interior wall
3). Furniture top
4). Washroom cubicles
5). Bathroom,kitchen interior decoration
6). Marine vessels interior decoration

06. Questions And Answers
1. Do you provide free samples?
Our sample is for free.
2. Would you please give me a best price?
We have our own factory and trading company, we always try our best to give you the best price.
3. Why would I believe your quality is the best?
 Dear, our products have passed  Lloyd's Register, French BV and ISO 9001:2008. 
4. How about your factory's productivity ability?
Dear, our factory's productivity is 15000 square meter per month.