Blue Ice Granite Kitchen Countertops

Blue Ice Granite is a grey and blue granite with medium grain. This Inidan stone will be great for your new bathroom or kitchen countertop.It’s recommended for both interior and exterior projects including countertops and landscaping in climates with freezing temperatures as well as all interior...

Product Details

Blue Ice Granite is a grey and blue granite with medium grain.
 This Inidan stone will be great for your new bathroom or kitchen countertop.It’s recommended for both interior and exterior projects including countertops and landscaping in climates with freezing temperatures as well as all interior projects including backsplashes, flooring, and wallling.

We do Blue Ice Granite prefabricate countertop for stander size and also custom design countertop as per customer shop drawing.

1.Product Description of Blue Ice Granite

Product Name

Blue Ice Granite Polished Prefab Laminated Kitchen countertops

2.Countertop Size

Vanity top:

25"x22", 31"x22", 37"x22", 49"x22", 61"x22" etc.

Kitchen tops

25 1/2"x96", 26"x96", 25 1/2"x108", 26 1/2"x108", 28"x96", 28"x108" etc.

Kitchen Island

98"x42", 76"x42", 76"x36", 86"x42", 96"x36" etc.

Countertop Peninsula

36"x78", 39"x78" & 28"x78" etc.

Countertops Snack bar

12"x78", 15"x78", 98"x18", 108"x18" etc.


Thickness:Countertop Slab thickness in 2cm (3/4”) , 3cm (1 1/5") , 4cm (1 1/2”) laminated edge or other specified thickness.

Other sizes are available upon detailed requirement. We welcome customized drawings and styles.

3.Countertop Edge

Full Bullnose, Half bullnose, Flat eased (eased edge), Bevel top, Radius Top, Laminated Countertop, Ogee Edge, DuPont, Edge, Beveled or others.

4.Recommended Granite Material

Black Galaxy, G603 grey, G682 Rustic Tan, G611 Almond Mauve, G654 Padang Grey, G684 Pearl Black, G640 Rose Pink, G439, Mongolia black, Shanxi Black, China Green, Tan Brown, Baltic Brown,Tropic Brown Santa Cecilia, Giallo Fiorito, Kirshimir Gold,  Verde Ubatuba, Butterfly Green and many other types of granite available.

5.Quality Standard

Polish degree: Over 90 degree; Thickness Tolerance: +/-1.5mm


Well packed with fumigated wooden crates


Kitchen,bathroom, bar and various counter decorations

8.Payment term

T/T or L/C or others

2.Quality Control and Inspection We do for Marble and Granite countertops

Natural Stone quality is not just a matter of opinion. But also Granite and Marble countertops are beautiful and elegant by nature. But the quality of countertops is something you have control over. 

Each order is inspected carefully and individually per each crate by our experienced experts to prevent any problems such as: broken corners, cracks, calibration, filling-repairing quality and color selection.


3. Package and Delivery We do for Marble and Granite countertops

We have rich experienced and professional team to handle product packing, space availability and stacking in container, ensure that the goods you receive and you expect are same.In packing, we also did very detailed protection. Product packaging, spatial arrangement and stacking are all carried out by experienced and professional arrangements to ensure that you could receive goods same as your expect. 

We do strong fumigated wooden crates/bundles for export and loading in container with strong fixer.


4.What is Pros for natural granite countertops 


Granite tiles are extremely flexible and can be used in a number of ways. Not only can you use Granite tiles for flooring but they can also be used for walls as well. Granite offers you the chance to get creative and use it in a variety of places around your home.

Not Expensive

Granite is usually one of the cheapest options around, so if you are on a tighter budget then Granite tiles are definitely one of your best options to look into. Granite tends to be cheaper per square foot than most other materials out there.

5.How to Maintenance of marble and Granite countertop 

Marble and Granite countertop are strong and durable. They needs help from time to time. Though you don’t need to seal it every year, if you want the surface to shine you’ll need to polish it occasionally with mineral oil. Plus, since it’s not invulnerable to chips or cracks, you may want to think about a rounded edge to reduce the chances of fracture. It may scratch over time, especially if you’re doing some hardcore vegetable chopping with sharp knives. Luckily, most scratches can be removed with a damp cloth, but deep scrapes may need to be buffed with steel wool. Since it is an investment and needs proper care, if any major repairs or restorations are needed, it’s always a good idea to consult the professionals who installed the product before doing it yourself.

6. Certificate 

Certified management systems,processes and products which ensure the quality of the products you got.


7.Tips to consider when installing the Marble and Granite countertops

For you to get the most from the  Marble and Granite countertops,you need to consider a number of tips. To give your kitchen an ideal look, you need to be cautious of the color that you choose.

The countertops come in many colors that you can choose from with the most common being: maroon, sky blue, beige, red, white, navy blue, brown, black, yellow, orange, gray, among many others.

To get the most from the units, you need to choose a color that matches the theme of your kitchen or bathroom.

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