Wholesale Nano Crystallized Glass Stone for Building Material

- May 15, 2018-

Basic Info

Model NO.: big slab ivory

Thickness: 7mm-17mm

Certification: CE, ASTM, ISO14001, etc

Usage: Commercial, Kitchen, Bathroom, School

Customized: Customized

Brand: Emin Nano Glass

Place of Origin: Sichuan, China

Chemical Stablity: Anti-Alkali 0.01% ; Anti-Acid 0.05%

Mohs Hardness: Level 6

Stain Resistance: Level 5

Radioacticity Exposure Index: Internal 0.2; External 0.5

Stone Form: Big Slab

Size: 900mm*2500mm

Origin: China

HS Code: 7016909

Product Description

Antibacterial Crystallized EMIN Nano Glass stone Big Slab of Building material

Product Specifications:

1. Brand: EMIN Nano Glass

2. Origin: Sichuan, China
3. Stone Form: Big Slab
4. Size: 900mm*2500mm
Both big size and cut-to-size tiles can be provided. 
5. Thinkness: 7mm-17mm
6. Color: Beige
We provide Ivoy, Beige & Coffee. Also, Red & Blank Nano Glass will be online in the end of September.
7. Application
Public Design: Airport Hall, Subway Station, Hospital, Hotel, Outer Wall, Background Wall, etc.
Private Design: Floor, Living room, Villa, Kitchen Countertop & Backsplash, Bathroom, etc.

Other series: Water-Jet Parquet Series; Colored Sculpture Classic Oriental Style; 

EMIN Nano Glass: 21st Century New Green Decorative Material.

1. Environmental-friendly:
Utilizing the natural granite, which is leftover from stone production process; High-tech furance -- all-electric-melting-rolling, will not produce pollution to environment; recycle system.

2. High Technology:
All-Electric-Melting-Rolling Furnace; Heat Bending tech; Auto heat, material & water recycle system, etc.

3. Product Feature: 
hole free, radiation free, high glossiness, high strength, pure & stable color, anti-skidding, stain resistance, good wear resistance, acid & alkali resistance, etc.
4. Certification & Patents:
CE, ISO9001, SGS, ASTM, ISO14001, etc.

"The method of leftover from the stone production process as raw material pioneered the engineering technology of microcrystalline stone."
"Arc appearance design of microcrystalline stone."
"Panel appearance design of microcrystalline stone."
To be continued.

5. Honor:
“Microcrystalline Science Institute in China Microcrystalline Architectural Decoration Industry”
EMIN Nano Glass was selected in " Oriented Catalog to Select Green Product for Building", which was authorized by National Building Material Test Center.  
To be continued.

 Nano Glass focuses on helping people all over the world to have a  better, safer and healthier life, to invigorate the earth, full of life and energy. EMIN Nano Glass, Healthy Life. 

Production process:

It is new building material,which is also called super white nano glass,artificial white marble,neoparies.The character is enviroment friendly,pure white without air pore,no water absorption,weathering resistance,acid resistance,alkaline resistance, easy to clean and maintance,This material can be used as kitchen countertop,bathroom vanity top,any tops,flooring,wall cladding,stairs and so on.

Emin Nano Microcrystalline stone is known as the king of beige stone, even superior to natrual marble.Due to its similar texture as jade, soft and warm tone, yellowish-white color, it's regarded as one of the superior decorative stone material, very suitable for interior decoration.

Adopting the all-electric-melt-bening technology,utilizing the natural granite which is the leftover from the stone production process as raw material,the production process is recyclabel ,sustainable and healthy.

Ever classic and with unrivaled beauty, Emin microcrystalline stone bespeak quiet luxury in the kitchen,living room,hospital,airport - with a few caveats.

Advantages of our products:
Emin MicrocrystallineCharacteristicsADVANTAGES
APPEARANCEHole FreeWater  proof, Stains - proof, No off-smell
Refurbished enabled, Abrasion resistance
High GlossHigh glossiness
Small color differenceSmall color difference, Large area paving
PERFORMANCEWear ResistantLong life
Slip ResistantSafer
Zero RadiationGreen and health
Acid and alkali ResistantResistance to chemical, Be widely used
High StrengthIndefectable, long service life

EMIN Nano Glass VS Nature Stone

Mohs HardnessCompressive StrengthAnti-acidAnti-alkaliGlossinessThickness
StandardGrade 5~6≥130MpaK≤0.2%K≤0.2%≥858~15
EMINGrade 6~7160~200MpaK=0.01%K=0.01%≥977~20
MarbleGrade 3~530~50MpaK=10.2%K=0.3%70~85≥20
GraniteGrade 6~750~100MpaK=1%K=0.1%65~80≥20