Where does quartz stone come from?

- May 18, 2018-


Quartz stone was born in Italy in 1984. Its production technology is exclusive to the Italian company Brierton. It was originally called as Thrauston Stone, which is made of over 93% quartz crystals, plus 7% of resin and trace elements under vacuum conditions. High-pressure plate made of large size.

As the technology of quartz stone manufacturers spreads around the world, it has become a new trend. As of 2007, there are 28 quartz stone production lines in 14 countries and regions in the world. The global quartz stone market has grown from tens of thousands of dollars per year in 1984 to the current market scale of 3 billion dollars per year. This is a process of rapid development. It is because of the activation of the Chinese quartz stone market that it has become more rapid.

Initially, quartz stone was used only on kitchen countertops, furniture countertops, and laboratory benches that required high surface finishes. With the development of economy and the further maturation of the market, more quartz, stones, luxury houses and landmarks have been used in various fields such as floors, walls and furniture. Quartz stone is gradually becoming an alternative to natural stone. . The use of quartz stone customers is constantly changing, from traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies, to building decoration companies, more and more people are joining the trend of quartz stone consumption.

It is definitely not an accident that quartz stone can achieve such great success. The advantages and characteristics of quartz stone are obvious to everybody. The price of quartz stone is acceptable to all. After understanding the history of quartz stone, is it more interested in quartz stone?