Quartz Stone The closer to the natural

- Feb 10, 2018-

This year to the Quartz stone table color diversity, Gobi series, Crystal Series, Granite series, Flash Star series more features, can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, Quartz Stone restaurants, banks, hospitals, exhibitions, laboratories, etc.) and home decoration (kitchen countertops, washbasin, kitchen wall, table, coffee table, windowsill, door sets, etc.) field, is a kind of no radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building interior decoration materials.

The quality of quartz stone is directly related to the content of resin. Quartz stone in the higher the content of quartz, the lower the resin, the better the quality, Quartz Stone the closer to the natural, the more difficult to deformation.

In recent years, Ambry Products table, quartz stone began to occupy the mainstream, become the first choice for consumers and manufacturers. This on the one hand stems from the artificial stone industry price war intensifies, the profit is getting lower, the quality is good and bad; Quartz Stone on the other hand, quartz stone has its own advantages, although the price is expensive, but still welcomed by the market.

The advantage of using Quartz Stone as window window is good abrasion resistance, the use of a long time after the surface will not appear faded to yellowing of the old situation, Quartz Stone beautiful and generous stone table decoration, relatively single color, because of good quality, so his price is higher, cheap quartz stone windowsill a meter price also about 350 yuan, Good some quartz stone windowsill a meter price also wants 750 yuan.

Buying Tips

1, look at the weight, Quartz Stone good quality quartz stone pressure presses out, poor quartz stone is casting production of heavy press out, the density of the same size of the quartz stone will be heavier. Content of 80%-94% range, the higher the content of quartz stone mesa quality is better.

2, Thickness: cabinet surface thickness of 1.2 cm thickness, 1.5 cm thickness, the proposal to choose 15 cm thickened quartz stone, but the real production of the edge of the edge of the plate is 14-13.5 cm, responsible manufacturers are not in the province of 1 centimeters, Quartz Stone such as not to reach 15 cm quartz stone table recommended not to buy.

3, key and other hard material scraping quartz stone, quartz sand is silica, Quartz Stone in nature, after the hardness of bricks and mortar, Quartz Stone if it is really good quartz stone, with the key after the line will only be scrubbed less obvious, poor quartz stone table containing calcium powder and other inferior materials with the key will be a mark.

4, soy sauce test, Quartz Stone the soy sauce pour in the above days will not seep color. Inferior quartz stone Mesa 1 days on the color.