Quartz Stone Service life

- Feb 10, 2018-

Quartz stone plate is made up of more than 90% natural quartz and about 10% of the pigment, resin and other regulating bonding, curing and other additives. Artificial quartz stone is a vacuum with negative pressure, high-frequency vibration molding, heating curing, its hard texture, Quartz Stone dense structure with other decorative materials can not be compared to wear-resistant (Morse hardness of 6-7 or more), pressure (density 2.0g/cubic centimeter), high temperature (temperature can withstand 300 ℃), corrosion resistance, penetration does not contain any sources of pollution and radiation sources , green environmental protection man-made stone.

In this many people will wonder Quartz stone since can withstand temperature up to 300 °, why hot container directly on the table will cause burst and discoloration? Because of the above mentioned quartz stone sheet materials containing 10% of resin solvents, hot after high temperature is easy to rise and cold shrinkage, due to local sudden heating, such as when the installation of the platform does not reserve expansion joint words are prone to cracks or the bottom of the container seal discoloration. Quartz stone manufacturers suggest that users should avoid heat containers directly contact the countertop should use insulation pads.

The main kitchen decoration is the choice of cabinet counter, the quality of the cabinet counter will directly affect the entire kitchen facilities service life. For the environmental protection of the cabinet surface materials must also have certain requirements, because the cupboard counter is direct contact with our food, if the table contains toxic substances will be a certain threat to our health.

At present, the market on the common cabinet surface materials are, Quartz Stone man-made stone, natural stone, quartz, ultra-thin rock plate and stainless steel. The highest utilization rate is quartz stone countertops. Quartz stone belongs to die-casting type man-made stone product, quartz stone manufacturers through molding, with wear-resistant, scratch resistance, high temperature, impermeable, non-toxic radiation, and many other advantages, but because the highest hardness of quartz stone can be 7,Quartz Stone so difficult to process, Quartz Stone in the use of the possibility of cracking or burst.

1, table joints cracking: Installation workers in the collage, the seam is not aligned, the glue is not coated evenly or in the glue to add curing or to promote the relief of the more brittle in the use of the process by a slight impact that cracking;

2, corner cracking: The wall is too tight without shrinkage seam, Quartz Stone two cabinets between the rough or not cushion flat, by external shocks or temperature changes table shrinkage uneven and cracking;

3, on the stage of the basin around the cracking: the basin and the basin hole between the gap between the hole, the basin is not polished Han 莩 panic Feng Wei, Quartz Stone the two smooth, under the impact of external forces or temperature changes table shrinkage uneven and cracking;