Quartz Stone Environmental protection and energy saving

- Feb 10, 2018-

At present, quartz stone has undoubtedly become the main character of stone decoration market.

From the product performance, street know the truth of the lane, wood contains benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, the current market has 80% of wooden furniture exist benzene, formaldehyde exceeded the phenomenon, and natural stone is to make people do not worry, radiation, against the human body, and thus can not be used in indoor decoration 360° all-round use. and quartz stone to natural quartz sand as material, Quartz Stone through the vacuum high-pressure furnace curing.

At present, quartz stone with ceramic finish and the easy processing of wood, and avoid natural stone in the easy oxidation, easy to absorb dirt, difficult to clean and so on, it is a decorative home environment the best tool. In addition, the most foreign attention to the green environmental problems, quartz stone can be easily addressed. As the kitchen countertop, complete release on the quartz Shitai surface processing ingredients.

Quartz stone is as green building decorative stone in the market building stone in the different army, fully in line with the current stage of social sustainable development, Quartz Stone environmental protection and energy conservation theme. In the next few years, China's green building decorative stone quartz stone will be greatly developed.

With the application of quartz stone more and more extensive, quartz stone manufacturers to rapid development, but also to the quartz stone market caused a certain confusion, quartz stone price differences, quality and bad, to consumers caused a certain degree of confusion. Quartz Stone The quality of quartz stone plate is not only limited to the purchase of raw materials, but also with the production equipment and technology has inseparable relations. such as: mixing slurry to determine the reason for the color difference, the pros and cons of the mixer determines whether the particle mixing evenly. The quality of the vacuum presses determines the density of the plate, which has a lot to do with the control of the personnel, Quartz Stone and the time of vacuum and suppression also directly affects the density of the plate. The rationality of the curing furnace determines whether the flatness of the slab makes the sheet not easy to deform. Polishing is a quartz stone sheet production of the last process is also the most critical, polishing equipment to determine the quality of the polishing machine directly affect the brightness of the polishing surface.

Quartz industry How to break through the existing model, the whole industry has been a benign and rapid development? , quality is the life of all manufacturing, Quartz Stone but also the strong main signs of all manufacturing, no high level of quality can not become the industry's strong. Speeding up the improvement of self manufacturing quality is the need of promoting the transformation and development of enterprises, the demand of enhancing the competitive ability and the need of maintaining the stability of the industry. Quartz stone industry should abide by this law, Quartz Stone the future of quartz stone market competition is no longer the price, but the quality and service competition.