How is quartz stone made?

- May 21, 2018-


The synthesis of quartz stone is mainly controlled by a computer precisely in the vacuum die casting machine. The process is mostly cured by medium temperature.

According to the required ratio, the fillers with different mesh numbers are mixed together, mixed with the resin with the medium temperature initiator and the colorant already added, and pumped into the hopper at the upper part of the casting machine and stirred and mixed. At the pouring spout, the console is used to control the moving speed and moving direction of the pouring spout, and the feeding speed is poured into the prepared mold. After the pouring is completed, the mold is sent to the underside of the press, and then pressed under vacuum and then carried out. High-temperature processing, and finally polished finished products.

1, raw material selection and mixing


Looking for high-quality quartz minerals and other additives, a variety of grain size quartz mineral raw materials by special purification equipment to carry out impurities purification, remove possible wood chips, metal fragments and other impurities, and then into the raw material mixing tower, level by level Minerals and other additives are evenly mixed. Contamination-free raw materials and uniform mixing are fundamental guarantees for the defect-free sheet.

2, fixed thickness molding

Proportioning and blending of raw materials into the large molding machine, computer-controlled thickness of the equipment to the plate billet flatness and thickness of the precise adjustment, after molding directly on the belt conveyor belt, molding only each time A plate.

3, vacuum die casting

The formed billet is accurately controlled by the computer in the vacuum die casting machine. The vacuum equipment installed in the underground discharges the air in the mineral void to near vacuum, forming the closest packing between the ore, mineral powder, and other additives. The effect of each sheet is about 15 minutes. The vacuum die-casting of each super-sized sheet is used to ensure that the material is dense and non-porous. The larger the sheet size, the more complex the process is.

4, from the vacuum die-casting machine out of the plate, directly into the 90-110 °C in the baking building, the middle temperature curing 50-120min. Baking a building for a period of time is a certain degree of solidification of quartz stone plates. Ensure the excellent properties of the sheet.

5, surface polishing

In the automated roller conveyor line, the large plates are slowly moved through 36 large and coarse special grinding heads, rotating at a high speed and moving at a constant speed in front and rear, with a large amount of cooling water and different abrasives, and the surface is Polished to a special glossy mirror effect.