Granite Slabs and Tiles Pay attention to Maintenance

- Feb 10, 2018-

The use of granite countertops, Granite Slabs and Tiles can create a particularly unique kitchen, no two exactly the same granite, and as long as the attention to maintenance, granite countertops of the kitchen will not fade with the passage of time.

Granite is favored by more and more families because of its wear-resisting and oil-resistant properties. Granite countertops also become the kitchen natural stone table of choice. Granite Mesa Maintenance Cost is very low, only need to scrub occasionally. Granite Slabs and Tiles Its smooth surface can prevent the infiltration of food and liquids, so regular cleaning is as simple as Cong surface drying.

Granite is a kind of natural stone, color change is very normal. So try not to buy granite countertops with the same color as the sample.

Granite has natural dents and scratches, but not only does it not affect its beauty, but it increases its natural beauty. If you are worried about granite imperfections and colors, Granite Slabs and Tiles you can choose granite slabs.

No matter what type of sink you choose, if you need to cut, the granite manufacturer will charge an extra fee. You must provide the sink template to the manufacturer, so the best sink must be purchased first.

Granite countertops are usually 2-3 cm or 3/4-1 inches thick. 3 cm granite countertops are more expensive, Granite Slabs and Tiles but more rugged and attractive. However, Granite Slabs and Tiles the 2 cm granite countertops usually require plywood support to be rimmed.

If you do not like the standard style, you can ask the manufacturer to design custom. When you use cabinets or other furniture, Granite Slabs and Tiles you need to trim the countertop.

Granite crevice is very common, you can choose to install seamlessly, but may be more expensive. Some workers leave the granite sink to sew, but due to the long-term infiltration of water, will gradually be destroyed

Granite is a natural material, it is all over the world, Granite Slabs and Tiles has a few hundred years of history, but for home decorating is nearly 40 decades of things. It may be expensive compared to other products, but it is one of the best investments. Its durability will make it the most affordable option. For kitchen cabinets, it is both practical and beautiful.