Crystal Wood Marble/Carrara/Calacatta

- Jul 12, 2018-

Product Description

We are specialized in manufacturing & exporting Natural Marble/Carrara/Calacatta/Quartz/Granite/Travertine/Limestone/Onyx/Sandstone/Slate Stone Big Slab for residential and commercial projects with good price .

We offer premium quality quartz slabs,marble slabs , granite slab, Paving Slabs, granite strips, Small Slabs, granite kitchen countertop, granite prefabricated slab, granite strip, stair, steps, granite benchtop, granite vanity top, granite tiles, wash basin, gravestone, marble panel, etc.

1) Quartz / Granite/ Marble slabs size available:

A) middle slabs:600upx2200upx20/30mm,or Customized.
B) middle slabs:700upx2200upx20/30mm,or Customized.
C) middle slabs:600upx1500-1800upx20/30mm,or Customized.
D) gangsaw slabs:2400upx1400upx20/30mm,or Customized.
E)Quartz Slab Popular Size:3200*1400mm,3200*1600mm,800*800mm,600*600mm,300*600mm,or Customized.

Quartz / Granite/ Marble Slabs Standard Dimension:

Big Slab:

Small Slab:

Custom Sizes to Your Specifications

2) Marble Tiles, Granite tiles, Cut-to-size or as per customer requirement.
305X305X10mm (12X12X3/8'')
406X406X12mm (16X16X1/2")
457X457X12mm (18X18X1/2")
305X610X12mm (12X24X1/2'')
406X406X20mm (16X16X3/4'')
305X610X20mm (12X24X3/4'')
406X610X20mm (16X24X3/4'')
610X610X20mm (24X24X3/4'')

Custom Sizes to Your Specifications

3) Slab Edge Treatment:
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush-hammered, Sawn etc etc.

4) Slab Packing:

Tiles by carton then to wooden crate.
Cut to size by crate.
Slabs by wooden bundle.

Name: Wood Marble/Carrara/Calacatta/Quartz/Granite/Travertine/Limestone/Onyx/Sandstone/Slate Stone Big Slab for Kitchen Countertop/Floor/Wall/Tile/Tombstone/Monument

Popular Marble Slabs as follow:

Our Marble Advantages:

1).Our Marble Strengthes:
1.Integration of Industry and Trade-Better price and service for you.
2.Professional Manufacturer-High Quality guaranteed.
3.Own Marble Factory-Long-Term supply, good for projects and Wholesaler.

2).Marble Factory:
(1).Location: Nantong(1 hr car driving to Shanghai and 2.5 hrs far from Pudong airport)
(2). Area: >45,000 m2( about 485,000 sq/ft )
(3). Machine:
-3 KEDA gangsaw,
-4 CNC cutting machines
-Automatic polishing facility and dry line,
-Italian abrasive tools to get the best polishing(95+ to 130+)
(4).Marbles:40+ at home and aboard to choose from
-White Color: Crystal White, China Carrara, Victora's Fall, Castro White...
-Black Color: Titannic Storm, Nero Marquina, Nero Portato, Silver Dragon, Black Coffee...
-Wooden marbles (white, Athens, Black, Grey, Blue, Coffee… )
-Ink Series: Ink painting, Splashed Ink...

100%Owned Marble Factory with Advanced Machines and Rich Marbles:
China New Marble Slabs as follow:

White Marble Quarry Photos as follow:
Quartz Slabs & Onyx Slabs & Marble Slabs photo as follow:
Artificial Snow White Marble Slabs as follow:


Granite ProductSpecification
Granite Tile305X305, 610X305, 400X400, 600X600, 300X300, 600X300
Thickness1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0cm or customized
Granite Cut to size60 / 120 X 60 X 2 / 3 cm, or customized
Granite Small slab(strip slabs)180~240 up X 60 / 70 X 2 / 3cm etc
Granite gangsaw slab240upx 120up X 2 / 3 / 4 / 6cm etc
Granite StaircaseThread/Step(120~150)X33X2/3cm
Riser(120~150)X(15~17)X2cm or customized size
Cube stone/Cobblestone10 X 10 X 10 / 5 cm, 9 X 9 X 9 / 5cm etc.
Cube Stone on mesh70X50(Rectangle shape);
85X50(Sector/Fan shape), Round, or customized
GraniteGardenStoneTable, Chair, Sculpture, Fountain, Flower Pot, Balustrade etc.
Surface FinishingPolished, Honed, Flamed, Bush hammered, Sandblasted, Pineapple, Flamed and Brushed(Antique), Natural etc.
Chinese GranitesGreyG602, G603(Padang Crystal), G614(Padang Medium), G633(Padang Light), G654(Padang Dark), G623(China Rosa Beta), G640, G655, G636, G439, G435 etc.
PinkG681, G606, G617, G635, G648, G657, G687, G663, China Rosa Porrino, H.D Red.etc.
RedG683, G696, GL Red, G562 Maple Red, Tianshan Red, Porphyre Red etc.
YellowG682 Rusty Yellow, Tiger skin Yellow, ZP Rustic, Gold.etc.
GreenChinaGreen, JX Green, China Ubatuba(China Butterfly Green), Chende Green etc.
BlueChinaButterfly Blue, Sky Blue, Blue Star etc.
BrownG611 Almond Mauve, G634 Mystic Mauve, G664, Leopard Skin, Desert Brown etc.
WhiteGolden White, Pearl White etc.
BlackShanxi Black A(without metal dots), Shanxi Black B(with small metal dots), Mongolia Black, G684, China Black(HB Black), Fengzhen Black, China Impala etc.
OthersChinaTropical Brown, Desert Brown, China Juparana, Spray White, Leopard Skin etc.
Imported GranitesIndianBlack Galaxy;White Galaxy;Kashmir white;Kashmir Gold;Mardura Gold;Sapphire brown;Saphire Blue;Baltic Brown;Tan Brown;Multicolor Red;Indian Red;Paradise Bash;Paradise Classic;India Aurora;Viscount White;Himalaya Blue;Bahama Blue;etc.
BrazilianGiallo California;Giallo Ornament;Giallo Brazil;Giallo SF Real;Giallo Fiorito;Saint Cecilia;Giallo Cecilia;Giallo Veneziano;New Giallo Veneziano;Ubatuba;Raw Silk;etc.
NorwayEmerald Pearl;Blue Pearl;Labrador Antico
OtherDakota;Caledonia;Carmen Red;Africa Red;Africa Black Impala;Olive Green;Verde Fountain;etc.;
Granite CountertopPrefab Countertop24" X96", 26" X96", 28" X96", 26" X108", 28" X108" etc.
Peninsula36" X78", 39" X78" & 28" X78" etc.
Island66" X42", 84" X42" & 86 X42" Island or even bigger
Snack Bar12" X78" & 15" X78" Island (snack bar)
Vanity top25" X22", 31" X22", 60" X20", 72" X22" etc.
OtherAs customized
Edge finishingSingle:Eased Edge, Bullnose, Ogee, Beveled, Dupont, Bullnose Half.
Double:Laminated Bullnose, Laminated ogee Bullnose, Laminated bevel, Mitered Edge;
GraniteMonumentEuropeanPoland, French, Germany, Austria, Szech, Solivakia, Irish etc>AmericanUpright monument, slant, die, marker>Granite Slabs and Travertine Slabs as follow for reference:
We have full experience and big advantage in Countertop projects, can assure you Top Grade Quality, Competitive Price and On Time Delivery for Slabs...With our support, you will win more and more projects and market shares.