Composite Stone Panel Research and development and extensive

- Feb 10, 2018-

Today people's living standards continue to improve, Composite Stone Panel we are more and more demanding housing requirements, Villa building has a high level of the vast field of vision and a strong sense of surround, so in the domestic widely sought after, and in many villas style, the most people relish, no more than French villas. With the development and wide application of new building materials, Composite Stone Panel French villas also have subtle changes, but the most effective, or composite stone decoration, therefore, composite stone curtain wall in this "new French villa era" plays a vital role in decoration.

French villas are a branch of European architecture, when it comes to French villas, we often come up with pure European-style pillars, simple stone railings, Composite Stone Panel lifelike flying reliefs, and the magnificent atmosphere of the door, the medieval castle shape has been deeply rooted in the minds of all of us. However, as a villa-style housing, it is the most important function of its use, so we are in the design, will be fully taken into account its lighting, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, decoration and other performance.

French villa layout is very pay attention to the axis symmetry, often with the entrance as the center, to achieve the symmetrical mode of both sides to increase its strong ritual sense, at the same time the height direction is often divided into three sections of the structural shape, Composite Stone Panel so as to achieve a clear effect of the back layer.

French villas in the design of the most attention, is always the details of processing, make full use of the French colonnade, carved, line of exquisite quality to achieve its high-end decorative effect of the atmosphere.

For facades materials, French villas are also very fastidious, in distant Europe, Composite Stone Panel the ancient ancestors used the whole block of natural stone to build, and today, because of the continuous improvement of stone curtain wall technology composite stone is widely used, Composite Stone Panel it has been able to play a better decorative, surround the role.

French Villa a more distinctive feature or from its color, often a relatively bright roof with plain stone and dark frame, so that its contrast to maximize the embodiment.

Although the use of natural stone in the villa building is also a relatively long history, but the choice of composite stone was developed in recent years, Composite Stone Panel composite stone not only retains the texture and hue of natural stone, and more praised is its superior insulation performance and self-respect ratio, Composite Stone Panel As a result of the special process of composite stone can be made of stone finishes very thin composite to different insulation base to greatly reduce the weight of stone curtain wall. So we in the French Villa stone use more and more of the use of composite insulation stone.