Composite Stone Panel Common Pursuit of goals

- Feb 10, 2018-

How to judge the external wall insulation stone Composite version of the quality of the current promotion of building energy-saving enterprise development related units,  Composite Stone Panel the common goal of enterprises. But in fact, the current energy-saving building external wall insulation market is a mixed bag, how to determine? 

First, design factors. Insulation composite version of the design must be based on local climate conditions, architectural layout of the careful calculation,  Composite Stone Panel and choose a safe and reliable insulation system, otherwise it will be under the banner of energy-saving buildings can not achieve energy-saving standards; The design must take into account the exterior area of the building, must not be outside the wall insulation design into the belly button, local insulation or local heat preservation,  Composite Stone Panel not only to reduce the heat preservation effect, but also in the relevant parts of condensation dew, long mold phenomenon, more importantly, the expansion of thermal stress effect of damage to the building body structure.

Second, material factors. Thin plastering exterior wall insulation system is basically made up of adhesive layer with flexible adhesive function of polymer mortar, insulation layer, with anti-cracking and waterproof functional protective layer, protection and strengthening accessories, alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh gingham, anchorage parts, brackets, angle protection and so on.  Composite Stone Panel The polymer thermal insulation mortar is the key technical material in the system, in this paper, the polymer insulation mortar for detailed analysis.

Third, the construction factor. Once the quality problem occurs in a project, one is to find the material problem, the other is to find the construction operator problem, few people consider the construction conditions and the integration of natural environment. We think that, while paying attention to the skills of construction personnel, we must pay attention to the integration of construction environment and natural climate, rainfall, gale, high temperature and low temperature are the main factors that cause the construction quality. In addition to the force can not be in time to avoid the outside environment, should be clever to deal with the method to improve the construction quality, such as when the protective layer, when the temperature is high, evaporation is large,  Composite Stone Panel can be in the shade, the wind in the construction; If you act recklessly or rub or scrub on a polymer mortar that has already been dry, this place will surely crack. In addition, in the spring and autumn cold season, in order to catch the progress of the project can be done first shade construction, and then the Chaoyang surface, which is conducive to low-temperature surface condensation solidification. Like such a lot of construction measures,  Composite Stone Panel are a good way to solve the construction quality, only the construction staff to think more seriously, it is also our deep experience in the actual construction process.

Iv. economic factors.  Composite Stone Panel The economic factors in the position of the fourth seems somewhat inappropriate, because in some areas, some projects have external insulation engineering quality problems, the first reason is unreasonable price. Can imagine,  Composite Stone Panel to a high profile paint 60 yuan a square metre of price to complete a more than 10 process of a variety of material combination of external wall insulation system is terrible, what materials they use?