Composite Stone Panel Build Brand

- Feb 10, 2018-

To understand the quality of the composite board, Composite Stone Panel first of all to understand the ins and outs of the composite board.

Stone industry recognized a good variety of "Sally Anna Beige", because the block size, hard and brittle material, resulting in a very low yield and poor processing performance. Composite Stone Panel So the birth of the ceramic tile to do the substrate "composite plate." The engineering board and the ceramic tile base adhesive combination, with "band saw" broken open, Composite Stone Panel this can be the original piece of plate processing into two pieces, or even three sheet. "Composite board" to solve the Sally Anna beige shortage of difficult problems.

With the gradual popularization of the compound Sally Anna Beige plate, Composite Stone Panel the production capacity of the composite plate is excessive, so the composite board of other varieties came into being, and the composite board industry was born.

Composite board has one of the largest characteristics, is the assembly line operations and standardized products, is very suitable for the dealer model and brand, Composite Stone Panel this is the building materials in the city was born a lot of composite board hall reasons.

However, because the composite panels are standard specifications, involving the special-shaped processing of luxury decoration, composite plate has been too many limitations, this is the composite plate processing luxury decoration "not luxurious" reasons. Composite Stone Panel No wonder many composite board dealers helpless said: "The market force we have to use the whole board to do luxury decoration."

And after the baptism of the market, the composite plate in the ground decoration reflects the advantages. Warm not deformation, strength improved, good installation, good maintenance, not easy to penetrate, Composite Stone Panel not easy to crack, these are the advantages of composite panels.

Therefore, the stone Hao, Composite Stone Panel composite board to do the ground, the full board to do the wall, combined with the noble Jade, is the best collocation of luxury decoration.