Cabinets Vanity Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop

- Jul 26, 2018-

Cabinets Vanity Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertop

Quartz Stone is currently very popular in developed countries using as Kitchen Countertops and Kitchen Islands. The continuous veins follow from the top to the waterfall of the island, which gives an excellent and comfortable look to the entire kitchen. It's classic, as well as fashionable.

BST Artificial Quartz Stone is a very hard material and can give you a natural stone look with consistent color and texture throughout the quartz countertop. Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops is easy to maintain and doesn't need much more daily maintenance and annual sealing required by natural stone.

BESTONE share some of our top seller quartz option with the look of it but it might be perfect for your home decor.


                                                                                           IngredientNatural Quartz93% (purified)
Unsaturated polyester resin5%
Color and antibiotic substance2%
Slab Size3000*1400mm, 3200*1600mm, other sizes available
 Thickness12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30mm
 Cut-to-size 400*400mm, 600*600mm, 800*800mm, other sizes


1. Where should the quartz stone be used?

Quartz stone must be used indoor such as kitchen worktopsbathroom and vanity tops and floor tiles, where are not exposed to direct sunshine.

2. Why should we use quartz stone other than natural stone?

Compared with natural stone, quartz stone has higher density and hardness, less water absorption, more durable and less maintenance, and better consistent color tone.

3. How should the quartz stone slabs be stocked temporarily?

The quartz stone slabs must not be exposed to the sunshine directly, and slabs must be erected vertically