Ice Jade Marble Honeycomb Composite Panels

Stone honeycomb composite panel consists of a natural and super-thin Stone veneer (3mm-5mm) and an aluminum honeycomb panel, tightly bounded together by highly adhesive film. This kind of product maintains the beauty of nature marbles and granite while overcome their disadvantages of fragility and heavy weight. Puts an aluminum sheet between the stone veneer and aluminum honeycomb so that the products have good impact resistance and flexural strength.

Product Details

Aluminum honeycomb panel is composited by aluminum panel and aluminum honeycomb core.

And it was mostly used in astronautics, astrology and other military field Because of its good performance in high wind pressure resistance, impact adsorption, sound proof, heat preservation, fire resistance, specific strength etc.

We offered lightweight granite honeycomb panels are constructed using high quality, industrial grade materials that combine a thin stone veneer on top of a fiberglass or aluminum support structure to produce incredible strength and durability and 80% less weight than traditional solid stone. These elegant granite panels offer excellent value, as they look exactly like the real thing, while being able to weather and last much longer.

As we design and produce these lightweight granite honeycomb panels in our own facility , we can work with almost any specification or need, making our panels perfect for a huge variety of interior and exterior applications. They offer unparalleled beauty and unmatched structural strength, plus their insulation factor makes them much more environmentally friendly than solid stone.


Our aluminum honeycomb panel Feature in :


· Light weight, High strength

· High thermal conductivity

· Waterproof, Fireproof

· Fungi resistance

· Corrosion resistance

· Voice absorption

· Excellent flatness

· High shock-proof strength 



Aluminum honecomb panel seletion:


Environmental Enclosures

Even though our cleanroom systems can be used to create highly-advanced critical environments, that type of application is typically a smaller percentage of the cleanroom market that we serve. The majority of our work involves the creation of environmental enclosures which allow our end-customers to:

· Contain processes

· Enclose machinery or equipment

· Adhere to regulations governing safety and quality

Our modular wall systems are ideal for building environmental enclosures to house machinery, safely store equipment, contain specific processes and other end-applications, including:

· Injection Molding Rooms

· CMM Rooms

· Equipment Enclosures

· Quality Control & Inspection Rooms

· Paint Process Enclosures

· Powder Coating Rooms

· Printing Rooms

· Laboratories

· Thermoforming Equipment Enclosures

Do you need to maintain greater control over environmental conditions like air quality, humidity and temperature? Medical companies, pharmaceutical companies and industrial manufacturers alike have turned to modular building systems to create environmental enclosures that

· Help improve product quality

· Maintain product and process consistency

· Increase product yield

· Enhance safety and security

· Increase Customer Base

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